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State agency of medicines

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State Agency Of Medicines

State Agency of Medicines is a governmental body under the Ministry of Social Affairs. Its main responsibility is the protection and promotion of public and animal health, through the supervision of medicines for human and veterinary use.

The State Agency of Medicines is a governmental body with the aim to:

  • ensure that medicines approved for use in Estonia for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human and animal diseases are proven to be efficacious, of high quality and safe;
  • promote the rational use of medicines;
  • ensure that when participating in clinical trials conducted in Estonia, the safety of the participants is guaranteed and their rights are protected;
  • ensure that cells, tissues and organs used in the treatment of humans in Estonia are proven to be safe and of high quality; and
  • ensure that narcotic and psychotropic substances and their precursors are used appropriately and in accordance with international conventions.

State Agency of Medicines activities are stipulated by the regulation from 11.10.2005 Annex 105 of the Minister of Social Affairs by the „Statutes of the State Agency of Medicines”.