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A Strategy for the Heads of Medicines Agencies, 2011-15

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On 25 October, 2010 the European Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) endorsed a five-year strategy for the European Medicines Regulatory Network (known as the 'Network') at its meeting in Antwerp. The Strategy, which will run from 2011-2015, builds upon the work of the previous HMA Strategy, which was published in 2007. The aim of the new strategy is to identify key challenges which the Network faces over the next five years and how the Network can best respond to these challenges. While the Strategy covers the diverse activities of the Network, a number of key themes have emerged where the HMA believe they can make a real difference over the next five years. They are:

(i) safeguarding public and animal health, particularly through strengthening surveillance of the benefits and risks of medicines in the European population;
(ii) supporting innovation, particularly through efficient and proportionate regulation of innovative medicines and clinical trials, e.g. by using the Voluntary Harmonization Procedure;
(iii) further improving the operational efficiency of medicines authorization by the Decentralized and Mutual Recognition Procedures.

The adopted document is published at the HMA website – www.hma.eu
At its next meeting in Hungary in February 2011, the HMA will consider the mechanism for implementing the Strategy over the next five years.