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    Several Estonian experts nominated to the renewed EMA advisory bodies

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    The EMA has re-organised some of its clinical working parties (WP-s) and scientific advice groups (SAG-s). In place of the Efficacy Working Party with representatives from all EU Member States, smaller specialised groups have been formed, composed of experts nominated by the Committee for Human Medicinal Products (CHMP) based on individual competencies and experience. Also the Scientific Advice Groups, the advisory bodies of external clinical experts, have been further strengthened.

    Estonia is represented in the new WP-s by
    - professor Irja Lutsar, head of the Tartu University Institute of Microbiology, as vice-chair of the anti-infectives WP, 
    - dr Pille Harrison, head of the Department of Biologicals at the State Agency of Medicines (SAM), as a member of the Rheumatology/Immunology WP and
    - dr Alar Irs, deputy director at the SAM and lecturer of clinical pharmacology at Tartu University, as a member of the cardiovascular WP.

    The considerably reconstituted SAG-s have 3 Estonian experts as members: 
    - dr Edward Laane, head of haematology at the North Estonia Medical Centre became a core member of the SAG Oncology,
    - dr Pille Taba, associate professor of neurology at Tartu University is a new member of the SAG Neurology,
    - professor Jaan Eha, head of cardiology at Tartu University Hospital, continues to be a member of the SAG Cardiology.

    More information can be found at the EMA website.