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    About SAMSAM

    Mission, Vision and Values

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    The mission of the State Agency of Medicines is to protect human and animal health through the supervision of medicines and biological products used in Estonia, to support rational use of medicines and to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical research and entrepreneurship.

    Vision of the State Agency of Medicines

    Safe, high-quality and efficacious medicines are used and available in Estonia. The State Agency of Medicines is the most qualified professional body in the field of medicines in Estonia, a reliable partner in the medicines sector in Estonia and to international colleagues, and a valued employer.

    Values of the State Agency of Medicines


    - We base our work on relevant scientific data and legislation and use the best expertise available in Estonia.

    - We constantly update our knowledge and operating methods.

    - We are aware that our every action reflects on the State Agency of Medicines and remember that our decisions have a significant impact.


    - We consider all known aspects when making decisions and we are impartial towards our partners and colleagues.

    - We look for substantive solutions and keep our promises.

    - We analyze our decisions, admit our mistakes and learn from them.


    - We actively identify the areas in which we can be of assistance.

    - We have a say in important discussions and initiate necessary changes.

    - We value our own, our colleagues’ and our partners’ time.

    - We complete what we start.


    - We guide ourselves by the main purpose of the State Agency of Medicines to protect public health while contributing to the development of research and entrepreneurship in Estonia with our knowledge.

    - We recognise opportunities for cooperation and are open to relevant suggestions.

    - We value the expectations of our cooperation partners and adhere to agreements.