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    The meeting of the experts of the Paediatric Committee (PDCO) in Tallinn

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    The Strategic Review and Learning meeting of the experts of the Paediatric Committee will start tomorrow, on October 4.

    The meeting will be held as part of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU. As availability of appropriately authorised medicines, also innovation and access to new medicines had been selected by the Estonian State Agency as key priorities to progress during its Presidency, the meeting and discussions will focus on the availability and targeted development of the paediatric medicines.

    According to the Estonian expert of the PDCO, Prof. Irja Lutsar: “Clinical trials on adults are not sufficient to ensure the safest use of the medicines in children – information about the efficacy and safety of drugs in paediatric population has to be gathered systematically. The only way to achieve that is to carry out appropriate clinical trials. However, we need to avoid subjecting children to unnecessary trials. Clinical trials need not be considered, if the drug or the group of drugs are likely to be inefficient or harmful for the children or when the illness or condition is known to occur only in adults.”

    The meeting will address in more detail paediatric drug development in the specific therapeutic areas such as psychiatry and epilepsy. Topics of discussion will also include developing suitable pharmaceutical forms for the paediatric population and the overview about the excipients used in the composition of the paediatric medicines in Europe.

    The meeting will take place on 4 – 6 October at the Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn.

    For more information on the Paediatric Committee please visit our website