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    EU Council presidency

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    The European network

    The Estonian State Agency of Medicines (SAM) is operating within the framework of the European Medicines Regulatory Network. On the one hand, this means working together with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and within the EMA scientific committees. On the other hand, the heads of medicines authorities from all EU Member States meet in the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) and affiliated working parties. The EMA scientific committees cover all aspects of medicines evaluation and pharmacovigilance.

    In addition to regular meetings in London, further meetings are held in the country that holds the EU Presidency. During the Estonian Pesidency, the SAM will organise and host a total of nine such European meetings. The SAM will facilitate two HMA meetings where all heads of EU medicines regulatory authorities for human and veterinary medicinal products will meet. Further, the SAM will facilitate strategic review and learning meetings of the EMA scientific committees and some HMA working groups meetings.

    Meetings during the Estonian EU Presidency

    Most of these meetings will take place in Tallinn. Read more about the capital of Estonia at here.

    From the list of topics prioritised by the Heads of Medicines Agencies, the SAM has selected to include the availability of appropriately authorised medicines, innovation and access to new medicines, optimisation of the regulatory operations and strengthen surveillance on the agendas of various meetings.

    For more information, kindly contact us at presidency@ravimiamet.ee