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    The Estonian medicinal products market in 2009

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    The Estonian human medicinal products market was 2.959 billion Estonian kroons (EEK) in 2009 (in wholesale prices). This includes both, prescription medicines and OTCs. The market volume remained the same in comparison to the year 2008.

    The increase in 2004/2005 respectively was 4,8%, 2005/2006 respectively 12,7%, 2006/2007 respectively 17,9% and in 2007/2008 respectively 12,5%.

    The Estonian veterinary medicinal products market was 133,6 million EEK in 2009 (in wholesale prices). The market decrease was 2% in comparison to the year 2008. The market increase in 2007/2008 was 14,5% and 2006/2007 respectively 3,4%.

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