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The 3rd edition of Baltic Statistics on Medicines is published

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A comprehensive analysis on the consumption of medicines in three Baltic States over a three-year period “Baltic Statistics on Medicines 2016-2018” was carried out for the 3rd time since 2013. This consumption analysis enables evaluation of habits of medicines use, also changes and trends in this particular region.

Consumption data of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were analyzed in various aspects. What is new in this edition – that there were included conclusions and remarks of experts, doctors on consumption changes in concrete ATC groups during 2010-2018 period in connection with reimbursement changes and changes in treatment guidelines.

Analysis shows that in general the consumption of medicines increased between the period of 2010-2018 in all three Baltic countries. The most widely used in all three Baltic countries is the group of cardiovascular drugs consumption of which exceeds more then threefold the consumption of second most widely used ATC goups in each country. The second most widely used group of medicines was an alimentary tract and metabolism drugs in Latvia and Estonia and the nervous system drugs in Lithuania.

The new book also contains a short description of the pharmaceutical market, regulatory requirements, medicinal product reimbursement systems in all three countries. All three Baltic countries were also compared by other aspects: statistics of various licences, wholesalers, financial aspect (turnovers) and many other aspects, which each individual person will find while reading this book.


In order to ensure that the results  are comparable and representative, specialists from the medicines agencies in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were in a very close collaboration with each other.


The edition “Baltic Statistics on Medicines 2016-2018” you can find here. | PDF