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    Development Strategy

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    On the 8th of January 2015, the Management Board of the Estonian State Agency of Medicines (SAM) approved a new development strategy for the period 2015-2018.

    The main objectives for the development for the State Agency of Medicines are:

    1. Medicinal products essential for the practice of medicine have marketing authorizations in Estonia and are available in the pharmacies.
    2. Competent and effective regulation ensures the quality of the medicines in the distribution chain, their safety for the patients, the balanced provision of drug information and the rational use of medicines.
    3. Clear and relevant information about the activities of the Agency is available in time to the citizens, interest groups and colleagues.
    4. The Agency is an open and trusted organization which values the maintenance and development of professional competence and capability.
    5. Co-operation inside the Agency as well as nationally and internationally ensures the necessary information, optimal use of resources and an efficient distribution of duties and competence.

    The full text of the Development Strategy is in Estonian and can be found here.